Freshmen earn third straight incentive reward


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The freshman class will be in Curve, PA in one week for its rewards challenge prize.

Troy Walker, Staff Writer

This year’s freshman will be attending an Altoona Curve baseball game on May 3, after winning their third straight rewards challenge.

The rewards challenges track classes’ trends in the areas of attendance and behavior to create a composite score. At the end of the nine weeks, the class with the highest score wins a prize.

“It’s a pretty great accomplishment, and I’m proud of the class,” said Class President Evan Frye. “We can do it again next year.”

The first marking period, the freshman were awarded with an outside tailgate; in the second marking period the reward was a movie and pajama day.

“Overall, this class has exhibited great attendance and appropriate behavior throughout the year.  The group as a whole have been model students.”  Said High School principal Mr. Richard Schreier.

The cost for the Curve trip is $5 for each student, and they will have the option of buying lunch at the game, or receiving a bagged lunch from the school.

This Curve trip is a well-deserved reward for a class full of hard-workers, and great students.

“This freshman class has proven to be an asset to our school community.  I’m hopeful that these behaviors continue throughout their high school careers.  There will be high expectations for their group moving forward.” Said Mr. Schreier.