Luensmann chooses Juniata


Abby Luensmann will play volleyball next year at Juniata College

Ethan McGee, Sports Editor

Abby Luensmann is very well known around Bellwood-Antis High School for her academic achievements, being the salutatorian of her 2017 class.

Abby has recently decided to continue her education and volleyball career at Juniata College.

“I spent about a year looking for a school, and I found several schools that I really liked. Things didn’t work out at those places, so when I found Juniata and visited the campus it was a very easy decision,” said Luensmann.

The small school in Huntington, PA has great opportunity for its students and Abby is seizing the opportunity.

“The academics at Juniata are top-notch, and they have a 99% acceptance rate into medical school. Juniata also has one of the best and most competitive volleyball programs in the country,” said Luennsmann.

Athletics will be a big part of Abby’s career at Juniata, specializing in volleyball. She will spend a lot of time preparing this summer for college athletics.

“I will be doing the summer weightlifting program provided to me. I also hope to get in the practice gym periodically to keep up on my skills,” said Luensmann.

Abby was around her club team coach, Mike Kraft who attended Juniata College. He was able to have a big influence of Abby’s decision during her recruiting process.

“My club coach and the Juniata head coach, Heather Pavlik, were my biggest influences. My club coach played at Juniata so I really respected his opinion. Coach Pavlik also was able to show me just how strong of a volleyball program Juniata is,” Finished Luensmann.

Abby is very excited about her next step after high school. She is very anxious to make it happen.