B-A looks to move to 3-0

Claysburg-Kimmel is next up for B-A


Ali Wagner

B-A’s defense of Claysburg’s Ty Hagen will be a big part of this week’s game.

Colin McCaulley, Sports Writer

After an impressive handling of Glendale last Friday, the Blue Devils are hoping to do the same to a 1-1 Claysburg-Kimmel team tonight at home.

The Bulldogs are coming off an impressive offensive onslaught against a young Williamsburg team. Senior quarterback Ty Hagen picked up 144 yards through the air on only 8 completions for Claysburg. Sophomore Seth Mussellman carried the load for the Bulldogs ground attack while picking up 113 yards on 17 carries.

A major key for Bellwood-Antis to win this week will surely be to stop Claysburg’s high-powered offense.

We’re ready to play. We just need to limit our errors.

— Beau Potter

Bellwood senior cornerback Beau Potter explained the key to stop the passing game in this week’s matchup, saying, “The secondary and corners specifically just need to maintain a strong focus and execute. We’ve been discussing plays all week.”

Potter shared the sentiment of most of his teammates in noting the group’s confidence after starting the season 2-0.

“We’re ready to play. We just need to limit our errors, and in doing that with an effective pass rush our defense will be lock-down.”

B-A hopes to carry on the theme so far this season, of strong defensive stands early and often. Those strong defensive stands will be crucial to the Devils’ success this week

Junior defensive end Jordan Moore explained how important it is to get the pass rush going against a prolific athlete like Hagen.

“It’s very important. He is a big kid and very athletic. He can step up in the pocket and confidently scramble,“ Moore said.

Moore went go on to say much of the game plan fell on B-A’s defensive ends.

“We need the defensive ends to keep him from running to the sideline, and the defensive tackles to clog the middle.If we execute he won’t be a problem,” he said.

The Blue Devils so far this season are averaging 3.5 touchdowns and 285.5 yards per game. As is typical at B-A, the offense has been dominated by the run game. All 7 B-A touchdowns were picked up by the running backs.

The defense has been the centerpiece so far this season with 6 sacks for 45 total yards lost. Averaging 4.5 tackles for loss and 1.5 fumble recoveries, the Blue Devils have been getting through the offensive line like a hot knife through butter.

The game will be tonight at Bellwood-Antis’s Memorial Stadium. Please make sure to wear your gold ribbons for cancer recognition night to honor everyone who has fought and is currently fighting cancer.