Schmittle leads Devils against Moshannon Valley


Terry McCaulley

Thor Schmittle has been a key on both sides of the ball for B-A.

Colin McCaulley, Sports Writer

Bellwood-Antis is coming off another ICC domination with last week’s 49-17 win over Everett.

The unbeaten Blue Devils (4-0) were able to score four touchdowns in the first quarter and just rode the momentum for the rest of the game.

Four touchdowns in the first quarter is surely a dream come true for the B-A coaches and they’ll surely be praying for the same start this Friday.

However the 1-3 Moshannon Valley Black Knights are trying to bounce back from a 32-0 blowout handed to them by the Claysburg-Kimmel Bulldogs.

So far this season, Moshannon Valley has not tried to hide the offensive game plan. Junior Jon Dale accounts for 74.6% of the rushing for the Black Knights, and 61% of the total offense.

Bellwood-Antis’s Coach Nick Lovrich talked about how important scouting opponents is to the Blue Devils success on Friday night.

“It’s really important. It’s vital to look at teams tendencies to form a game plan and so we can prepare the players for what their going to see on Friday night. If they have a better idea of what they’re going to see then in turn they will be more successful,” he said

Senior Thor Schmittle has been key to the Blue Devil’s success this season. Thor has the biggest part in rushing yards for Bellwood-Antis, accounting for 30% of all of the Blue Devil’s rushing yards and 25.4% of all points this season.

Schmittle explained how he has been able to have so much success on the offensive side of the ball.

“The key to getting yards on the ground is seeing the holes your linemen are clearing open for you, and following lead blockers,” Schmittle said.

Schmittle also accounts for 13.8% of all tackling on the Bellwood-Antis squad, as he truly has been one of the key weapons this season.

Thor isn’t the biggest strongest or fastest kid, but he’s a football player.

— Coach Lovrich

“The key to tackles is keeping a good flow to the ball, hitting low, wrapping up, and keeping your feet moving through the tackle,” he said.

Coach Lovrich said Schmittle has been instrumental in the Blue Devils’ success this year.

“Thor isn’t the biggest strongest or fastest kid, but he’s a football player. He has a nose for the ball and an instinct when he has the ball in his hands,” said Coach Lovrich “Thor has had a lot of help from his teammates as well. He has a big talented line he can run behind and other running backs that will step up and block for him.”