THE POWER OF 3: holiday movies


Mikala McCracken

Christmas movies are a big part of the holiday experience.

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

Throughout the Christmas season there are many, many more movie choices that make for perfect Holiday merriment, but these are three of my favorite.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: When it comes to National Lampoon’s movies, they never disappoint. As far as Christmas movies go, this is one to watch. There is comedy, family, and the whole Christmas feeling. The entire Grizwald family gathers together for one massive family Christmas, that just doesn’t go according to plan. Of course, if you put inappropriate behavior and the whole family feel, you are going to have a good movie.

Elf: If you haven’t seen Elf, I don’t know what to say. It starts with a human living in the North Pole with Santa as a toy maker. He is told that he is not an elf and that is why he is bigger than the rest of his “family”. He goes on a journey to the city looking for his real dad. This is definitely a classic. Will Ferrell delivers a hilarious twist on a holiday movie. When it came out in 2004, it probably wasn’t considered a classic Christmas movie, but as years went on, it became a movie that is on almost every channel during the Christmas season. It is filled with mainly comedy, family, and of course, romance.

Fred Claus: It’s not the most appropriate of movies, but when you have Vince Vaughn in a movie, it’s going to get inappropriate. This movie has all the same makings of any other movie, but more along the lines of in between PG13 and R. Vaughn acts as a fun, more laid back Santa and we all love it. He does things that definitely would be frowned upon in a classic business from parties to teaching an elf how to dance. It gets pretty well out of hand.