Bartlett takes first in speech opener


Courtesy photo

Caroline Nagle, Kaleah Smith, Jenna Bartlett, Alivia Jacobs, Dan Kustaborder, and Haley Campbell earned ribbons at the first speech meet of the season.

Brianna Reiter, Staff Writer

Junior Jenna Bartlett claimed first place yesterday in the first speech meet of the season, leading a group of six B-A ribbon-winners.

Jenna won in the informative category for her speech on laziness in the age of technology in the meet held at Bishop McCort.

Jenna was ranked first by seven judges in all three rounds of competition.

“I’m exceptionally proud of Jenna,” said Mrs. Sally Padula, co-adviser of the team. “In ninth grade Jenna went to states with an informative piece. Last year, she tried a different category and it didn’t work out so well. She came back to informative and she is off to a terrific start.

“She had a clean sweep yesterday. She was ranked first by seven judges in all three rounds of competition.”

Mrs. Cunningham, the  team’s other co-advisor, said she was pleased with the performance.

“Overall, I was very happy with how my students did. Some students had more time than others to prepare their speech and others didn’t have as much time but still did very well,” she said. “My students have a lot of potential and we have one month to prepare for our next meet which is plenty of time to improve. It was a great start to our season!”

Five students placed in the following categories: Pros, Poetry, and Informative.

Caroline Nagle: 6th place; Pros

Kaleah Smith: 4th place; Poetry

Jenna Bartlett: 1st place; Informative

Alivia Jacobs: 5th place; Informative

Daniel Kustaborder: 3rd place; Pros

Haley Campbell: 5th place; Poetry