Mikala McCracken

Freshman Malia Danish is quite adept at tickling the ivories.

Briana Sisto, Staff Writer

Freshman Malia Danish is a multi-talented musician who as a freshman is already making a splash at Bellwood-Antis. She plays the piano and ukulele, and she also sings. She is this week’s Artist of the Week.

BluePrint: What sparked your interest for music?

Malia: I always loved music when I was younger, and it just happened to be that my piano teacher lived/taught right down the street.

BluePrint: How many instruments do you play?

Malia: I play 4 instruments, the piano, guitar, ukulele, and the flute.

BluePrint: Which instrument have you been playing the longest?

Malia: The piano, since first grade.

BluePrint: Why did you want to play the ukulele?

Malia: I love the sound it creates and I had found out that I was going to Hawaii.


BluePrint: When did you start singing?

Malia: Also, first grade.

BluePrint: Which one do you enjoy better?

Malia: I honestly enjoy both equally.

BluePrint: Do you want music to play a role in your life as you go beyond high school, if so, how?

Malia: I would want music to play a role in my life. I would at least play an instrument for fun. I’m in ninth grade, so I don’t really know yet.