Joshua House holding sign ups for basketball league


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The Cross Town Basketball League had six teams enter last season.

Emily Dively and Leah Farber

Many teens want to play basketball, but a lot of them are usually run off because they think they’re either not good enough, not fast enough, not tall enough or simply not what you call a jock.

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The Cross Town Basketball League had a strong turnout last year, but the Joshua House is hoping for even more players in 2018.

That’s why The Joshua House Armory is important for teens, because you don’t have to be fast, tall, or good at basketball to find a spot on a team. It’s a place where you can be yourself and have fun playing in the annual Cross Town Basketball League.

The Cross Town Basketball League is for seventh through twelfth graders. Bellwood students are more than welcome to come join.

The league is still accepting entrants. To register, go online at and sign up by January 10.

Mizpah Glenny, an organizer of  the Cross Town Basketball League, said that their goal is to get at least eight teams of eight players.

The main mission at Joshua House is to help youth find purpose through events like the basketball league. The J Jouse incorporates discussions that emphasize the fact that each young person was made on purpose, for a purpose.

“In the past, the players really enjoyed being part of a league where the coaches are investing into them, and they get an opportunity to play without the daily time commitment of a school team,” said Glenny.

All practices and games are held at the Joshua House Armory in Tyrone. One more open gym will take place on Wednesday, January 10 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. The league runs from January to March.