Johanna Whiteford shines in FFA


Mikala McCracken

Johanna Whiteford is the FFA Parlimentarian.

Emily Dively, Staff Writer

Johanna Whiteford spends most of her time in the Ag room. She is an important officer in FFA and loves the club, which is celebrating National FFA week.

Outside of school, Whiteford is a Firefighter at Excelsior No.1 and she is a fire queen there.

In FFA they have meetings, get-together’s and teach the community and kids everything about agriculture.

Whiteford said, “My dad was in FFA when he went top BA and I remember hearing stories about all the fun times. I wanted to make some of the same fun memories for myself.”

Her position in FFA is a Parliamentarian. Which means in the meeting she makes sure the rules are followed and everything stays in order.

“She makes sure meetings are run properly and provides strong leadership to young members,” Paulino Cuevas said.

She loves all the small or even big get-together’s they have in FFA.

“It’s like one giant family. We go on trips together, have most of our classes together, and even hang out outside of school. It’s more family than friends,” Johanna said.