Middle school business expands


Olivia Stetter

Sublimation Creations is busy this semester, expanding its product line and raising money for charity.

Olivia Stetter, Staff Writer

Sixth grade entreprenuers have been busy during the third nine weeks expanding their business.

Each nine weeks a new group of students learn the business model for Sublimination Creations, an original business venture for student sin the middle school, who create and market their creations.

Students in the class revamp marketing, and add new designs to the already successful print business, all while learning how to fulfill orders to send them out. They’re working to make enough money to bring the mobile fab lab from Pittsburgh in so the entire sixth grade can go through and to make a project using things like vinyl cutters, cnc routes, laser cutters and 3D printers. Each class comes up with ideas of where they want their money to go so far they have made $1,112.

The idea for an in-school business came from a summer training curse.

Last summer, Kylie Longo, the advisor of Sublimination Creations, went to a training this summer in Pittsburgh and met a group of people from Real World Scholars they run ed corps (educational Corporations) from California. You apply and if you get it they give you funding for your project and an e-commerce site to build a website and sell the product. Real World Scholars gives support with an online community where you can bounce idea off of other teachers and other ed corps.

One of the stipulations for the business is that some profits must go to some form of charity. If you would like to see where the students have put their money into you can visit at www.basublimationcreations.com you can go to “where the money goes” section and it list all the things we are using they use it for.

So far the group has listed as possible receipients of the money the mobile fab lab, class laptops, heat presses, BoxZ (laser cutter, 3D printer, and cnc router all in one), and the Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation and a 3D vacuum Press.  They will be giving 100% of their spring semester proceeds to DIPG research.

Before they had added new items they had been selling 11 oz. mugs for $17.00. Now the sixth graders are also selling 16.9 ounce stainless steel canteens with a hooks to attach to book bags, purses or gym bags to make for easy hands free travel for $13.00. 2.5 inch round magnets for $5.00. Another product is a 3 in oval ceramic ornaments for $8.00.

Students will also be adding other new products in the coming marking periods.

“Because we are a business that customizes gear we have to try and find things that are on trend.” said Ms.Longo.

Currently they have 55 designs to choose from. All of the designs are by the sixth graders. Any customized items for your own personal needs you may send an email [email protected] and the 6th graders can draft something just for you. They have a website where you can find all the products at www.basublimationcreations.com