The Hidden Exit is open for business


Brooke Beichler

Will you take on the challenge?

Quintin Nelson, Staff Writer

The Escape Room is now open!!!

For only $5 per student and $10 for adults, you and a group of friends can enter Bellwood-Antis School District’s own Escape Room: ‘The Hidden Exit’!

Set in a time traveling accident that sets players in the 70’s, groups have 60 minutes to get back to the present before they get stuck there forever! With over 20+ puzzles, this escape room is a real challenge.

Ms. Forshey, the Director of Instructional Technology at Bellwood-Antis, as well as the head of the new escape room business, says she is excited for the room’s release.

“I’m pretty excited. The students worked hard on this room. We’ve been going since summer and it feels good to finally have it complete.”

The students in Ms. Forshey’s tech club, SWAT (Students Working with Advancing Technology), have been working vigorously to complete the finishing touches to the room.

“It’s going to be super cool to see students and adults use it,” Ms. Forshey says.

She also looks to the future at interested students and adults.

“It’s a new experience for most people. You have to work as a team and collaborate, and it’s important not to give up.”

The Hidden Exit is open to the public, and you can contact Ms. Forshey to book your time travel adventure at 814-742-2273.

Just this week, a local group of girl scouts came through the escape room and really enjoyed it.

Students of Bellwood-Antis can sign up with their group in the Media Center. The cost is $5 a person. The suggested size of a group is three to seven players.

“Being a part of The Hidden Exit has been such a memorable experience,” said Aubree Reiter. “My team and I have grown together and individually. We have created a masterpiece like no other and I’m super proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

Note: Pricing for the escape room is based on a promotional rate. Fees will increase in the near future.