Spotlight on Staff: Leah Farber

Leah Farber, Staff Writer

Name: Leah Farber

Age: 15

Years in Blueprint: This is my first year in the BluePrint. 

What do you do for the Blueprint?

I write stories for the Blueprint, but I mainly focus on stories in student life.

What do you enjoy about Blueprint?

I like that I can talk to one of my friends that I never get to see. I also enjoy talking to the student teacher and knowing what’s happening in the school.

What’s the best or favorite story you have done so far?

My favorite story would have to be ‘Christmas Shopping Anxiety’ because it was the first story that I had to talk to people. Plus, who doesn’t love writing stories on Christmas?

What would you tell a person considering doing Blueprint?

You should join because it is fun and Mr. Naylor is super chill. He talks about random stuff 24/7.