SENIORS: It’s not too late to apply to college!


Malia Danish

If you haven’t applied to college yet, all is not lost.

Quintin Nelson, Staff Writer

Applying for college is a very important part of any student’s passage out of high school. Most seniors apply from October through January.

However, what if some students haven’t gotten around to it yet? Is it such a bad idea to be a late starter?

Ms. Danielle Patton, the guidance counselor at Bellwood-Antis High School, says that if anything, get started!

“(Any student who still needs to apply) should talk to admission offices and get applications together and any materials they need. It’s a good idea to have all the information they need to apply,” she said.

Some schools accept applications all the time, but some have deadlines.

“It depends on the school, some schools have ruling admissions, so they accept admission all the time. It does make it a little more difficult at this point in the year just because some programs might be filling up and some schools have deadlines that have passed,” Ms. Patton said.

Ms. Patton assures students that all is not lost.

“Sometimes if you apply at this point in the year there’s always the possibility that you could start in the spring instead of the fall. It really comes down to the school and going to their admissions office to get a better idea of what to expect.”

If you’re still waiting to hear from a college, Ms. Patton says it’s always a good idea to call the admissions office to get an idea of what to expect. She also mentions how important it is to fill out a FAFSA, which is essential for students who will be seeking financial aid.