2014 Poetry Slam General Poem Winners


“Nothing Gold Can Stay”

I look out

It’s at that point in the year

Where the threes have long- lost their leaves

And just for a moment, you wonder if they’ll ever come back

Or are they gone forever?


Nothing gold can stay, they said…

What all do they mean?

The whole world in its entirety?


Well, I’m starting to think they’re right.

Nothing can stay.

Not they berry lipstick on my lips.

Not the leaves on the trees that cover worn-down mountains

Not the vows that binded our parents for life.


And now I look over at you.

The almost- summer sun dancing through you dark hair

And all I can think is,

I want you to stay.

 – Junior Meghan Claar


“A Child’s Forgiveness”

Hi mommy

I’m your baby.

You don’t know me yet,

But I love you.


I love it when you sing.

It makes me so happy I kick.

It makes you happy too.

It makes you giggle.


Is everything okay mommy?

You haven’t talk to me in a while.

And you’ve stopped singing.

Did I do something wrong?


Everyone keeps telling you that I’m worthless.

But I love you.

I want to take care you mommy.

I can’t wait to meet you.


You finally started singing again.

That makes me happy.

I think we’re going somewhere.

 That makes me excited.


It looks like we’re going to the doctors.

Did I tell you I want to be a doctor?

You’re still not talking to me.

Please, what did I do wrong?!


Ouch mommy!

It hurts!

Why don’t you stop them?!
They’re hurting me!


It’s okay mommy.

You don’t have to be sad.

I’m in heaven now

 I’m not in pain anymore.


I love you mommy

I can’t be mad at you

You were just trying to do the right thing for you.

I love you mommy and I can’t wait to see you again someday.

  – Senior Olivia Gailey