2014 Poetry Slam Picture Poem Winners



Kunta Kinte
Captured at a young age
Sent away to the United States
Chained from neck to hands sold to the highest bidder,
Work day and night
Was never allowed in the house
It was only for my master and his wife,
Like a stray dog
Mistreated and beaten,
Beaten to death for not saying the name that was given
Tired of me running away
Master chops off my feet and locked me away,
The day I was buried master engrave James on thumb stone,
But my daughter,
Oh how I loved her, she marked it off and wrote

 – Senior Haneefa Harvey





Money is the reason

 For war, pain, and treason.

For, if there was no desire for more,

Then why do people kiss the floor,

Kick the poor, slam the door?

Throw stones at those in squalor.

As they swallow every last year.

Wealth is the path

That leads to wrath.

Just do the math.


Learn, study, work, earn.

The cycle of life, the wheel must turn.

Without materials we are all simply animals.

Grazing in innocence on the Discovery Channel

A world in such chaos,

The people so bitter.

The greatest act humanity?

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They say swallow your pride,

But those with small appetites have quite simply died.

If you heard any different,

I’m sorry, they lied.

 – Senior Casey Gray