Middle school recognizes Students of the Week


Courtesy photo

Middle school Students of the Week include, from left to right: Dominic Caracciolo, Mara Bollinger, Carena Eamigh, and Jenn Norton.

Cazen Cowfer, Staff Writer

The new middle school students of the week have finally been announced this week.

In fifth grade, Jenna Norton was chosen by the fifth Grade Teachers because “she is kind to others, hardworking, and a pleasure to have in class.”

In sixth grade, Carena Eamigh was nominated by the Sixth Grade Team because “she is hardworking, has a pleasant attitude, has a pleasant attitude, and a pleasure to have in class.”

In seventh grade, Mara Bollinger was selected by the Seventh Grade Teachers because “she is hardworking, has a pleasant personality, and is helpful to other teachers and other students.”

In eighth grade, Dominic Caracciolo was nominated by the Eighth Grade Team because “he is helpful, cooperative, academically focused, responsible and pleasant.”

Congratulations students!