BA alumni: take this survey please!


Olivia Stetter, Staff Writer

Physics teacher Ms. Alice Flarend is looking for Bellwood-Antis alumni to take a survey in the days leading up to the annual STEM night.

The survey is intended to gather information about graduates from the Bellwood-Antis School District who have worked or are currently working in a STEM related field.

You can link to the site by clicking here.

The end result, Ms. Flarend hopes, will be showing students possible career paths and showcasing many STEM success stories that have come from Bellwood-Antis.

“Many engineers and data analysts, including employment at the rivals of Sheetz and Wawa, have graduated from Bellwood-Antis,” said Ms. Flarend.

A STEM job is any employment that makes use of math or science regardless of post-secondary education.

They will be displaying this information at the annual STEM night on April 26, 2018. If possible, please email a picture of you on your job to Alice Flarend at [email protected]You can also mail it to Bellwood-Antis High School 400 Martin St. Bellwood, PA 16617 if your employer is interested in having a display at STEM night on April 26.