Lady Devils selling championship gear

Funds help pay for a trip to South Carolina for a national tournament


Sidney Patterson

Buy a tee-shirt to help the Lady Blue Devils compete in a national tournament in Myrtle Beach.

Sidney Patterson, Editor in Chief

BA’s recently acclaimed state champion, the Lady Blue Devil basketball team, is selling statechampionship  gear to bring in some cash, but what for?

In the 2018-2019 season, the Lady Blue Devils plan to compete, at “Bash at the Beach,” a national basketball tournament held in Myrtle Beach.

The team is selling blue or gray short sleeve t-shirts for $12, long sleeve blue or gray t shirts for $15, blue and white baseball tees for $18, gray hoodies for $25, and championship bumper stickers for $3.

Sidney Patterson
The girls basketball team is selling apparel to raise funds for a trip to Myrtle Beach.

“This is a great way to start our season as it really shows us where we stand in comparison to some of the best high school teams in the country.  It will challenge us, make us better, and give us something to work for,” said Longo-McGarvey, “It is a challenge we are excited for and are embracing.”

All gear is available here-

Mrs. Longo-McGarvey said it was difficult to pass up an opportunity like this, which made fundraising a necessity.

“We were invited to enter the tournament.  Only so many teams from across the country in different classifications get invited,” said Assistant Coach Kyley Longo-McGarvey. “It is a once in a lifetime invite so we obviously had to accept and are excited for the challenge is poses to use next year.”

The tournament consists of 16 teams, and each team is guaranteed a certain amount of games and until teams get into pool play.  The teams it has hosted have won state championships from all over the country in multiple classifications.  Coach Longo predicts BA to be playing teams similar to Neumann Goretti.

The goal is to sell 50 of each item to help offset the cost of the tournament and surrounding factors.

“That trip is going to cost us quite a bit,” Kyley admitted. “We are currently faced with raising $5,500 for the bus. We also need to raise money for meals and a few extra hotel rooms, plus anything we want to do as a team while in Myrtle Beach.”