Must Watch on Netflix


Lordin Williams

Must Watch

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

I have done stories before on Netflix shows, but this is just things to watch in general. From movies to shows, these are some eye catching, laugh your head off Netflix originals I would highly suggest.

Before I Wake-2017

I love this movie. It is a horror movie with plenty of twists and turns. The visuals that are used in this movie are probably some of the most beautiful art I have ever seen, from glowing butterflies to the villain that is brought to life through a boy’s dreams. The plot of the movie is also very unique. A boy who is able to bring his dreams to life…and nightmares as well. You end up getting a feel of how his worst nightmare came to life and realize it is darker than just nightmare, it is deeper. It is a good horror movie and it definitely is worth watching. It is a visual masterpiece.

Santa Clarita Diet-2017

Anything starring Drew Barrymore is going to be a hit. From Charlie’s Angels to 50 first dates. . It isn’t your typical decaying, flesh eating zombie. You have to watch to know what I’m talking about. Drew does an amazing job at bringing her undead character to life. This show does a very good job at coming up with a unique way of making a zombie look interesting. Timothy Olyphant, who plays her husband, does an amazing and hilarious job at bringing his awkward and spastic character to the screen. Liv Hewson (Abby), Drew’s on screen daughter, and Skylar Gisondo (Eric), the neighbor who has a crush on Abby, also help to create a hilarious contrast in the show. This is definitely worth watching if you want a laugh.


This show pulls an American Horror Story feel, changing the seasons and actors, however, unlike AHS, this show has a more realistic plot. Having a murderer picking people off, as most slasher-like films/shows, this does a good job at building suspense and does a good job at hiding who the antagonist is. With Katie McGrath as the lead in the first season, I feel that the first season definitely draws you in. The acting is well executed and has a nice flow. This is one I would recommend if you like the slasher genre.