Kerry Naylor

Jamyson Focht has had a strong season in her first year on the track.

Corbin Nale, Staff Writer

Sprinter Jamyson Focht has made a splash on the track team in only her first season.

Until this, her sophomore season, Jamyson had not played sports at B-A because she was heavily involved in dance. However, this season she stopped dancing and has become quite the athlete. In the fall she was a member of the volleyball team.”

Jamyson  favorite part about track is “meeting new people, making memories with my friends, and always having to push myself.”Jamyson participates in the 100 and 200 meter dash and as well as the 400 and 1600 meter relays. She says her favorite of them all is the 200 meter dash.

Jamyson says that track the 200 meter run is “a pretty challenging race and there’s always good competition to go against.”

With every sport you will have a memorable moment. For Jamyson, her favorite memory from track is after a practice. Jaydyn Shuke and her were walking outside to go to the car, and it started pouring down rain. Jamyson recalled, “We looked like we just got a shower and we were soaked.”

Jamyson plans to participate in track all the way to senior year. She also plans to participate in college as well, saying it would be “a really awesome experience.”

Jamyson’s ideas of a future career are a Physicians Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner. She thinks these jobs seem “very interesting and enjoys the fact that you will learn and experience something new everyday”.

We wish Jamyson the best of luck in her future plans and in her track career!