Tune Talk Album Review: Panic! At the Disco’s Pray for the Wicked

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

Yes, I know I’m late to be reviewing this album now and most people who’re Panic! At the Disco fans and/or people who’re just into a few selected songs by them love the album. But I’m here to give my full personal review on Brendon Urie’s newest work.
Now let’s just remember, I’m a huge Panic! At the Disco fan so of course I bought the album the day it was officially released. I bought it at Target for about 9 dollars and whenever I got home from work I instantly put it in my boom box that is currently broken but it work at the time and I took a listen to the new album. I already knew the songs that were/are really popular right now, “Silver Lining,” “Saturday Night (Say Amen),” and “Hey Look Ma, I Made It.” But the rest of the album progressively got better…alteast for the most part. Here are my reviews for each individual song:

Track 1: Silver Lining
This song is not only my favorite absolute favorite off of the album, but it’s the first song you get to hear as a brand new listener if you’ve purchased the album not knowing any of the songs on it. This song is upbeat and really keeps a pep in your step. It’s got you wanting to dance and sing along. It’s definitely got me hooked since every time I want to listen to a Panic! At the Disco song nowadays, I instantly turn on “Silver Lining.” I absolutely love this song and if you’re a new listener I highly recommend this one for you.

Track 2: Saturday Night (Say Amen)
Currently, this is the song that everybody comes to whenever they think of new Panic! At the Disco music. I can’t blame them either though. This song had me hooked as soon as I watched the music video whenever it was first released and I just HAD to hear what Brendon Urie was giving us next. This song is yet another upbeat and fun song to sing and dance to. Brendon just knows how to keep his audiences blood pumping. Although the music video has Brendon fighting off a bunch of ninjas and it DOES get brutal. I don’t want to get into any further detail because I might spoil for you. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

Track 3: Hey Look Ma, I Made It
Oh my god does this song make me so happy whenever I’m listening to it. I can’t help but smile when I’m singing along to this one. This one isn’t as upbeat as the first two. But it still has you wanted to dance and sing along just as much as the other one. This song has a beautiful keyboard intro with a synthesizer. As well as a nice drumbeat to keep yourself moving, even if you’re in a chair. If this song was a woman I would definitely marry it.

Track 4: High Hopes
This is where it kind of went downhill for me. It’s definitely not Brendon’s fault. The radio just seems to overplay this one and it also didn’t sound too good live whenever I saw Panic! At the Disco in July this summer. This song starts off with some concert band instruments including trumpets, trombones, and a baritone. And this song actually is one of the songs off the album that has a nice positive message. But now that the radio plays it about 6 times a day, I’ve lost my interest in the song. Rest in Peace High Hopes.

Track 5: Roaring 20’s
This song isn’t horrible but it’s not exactly good either. This is another song that I wasn’t exactly in love with but the radio never actually played this one before. I don’t know why, but the trumpets in this song actually give me a migraine from how high they go, which is funny because I’m pretty sure Brendon has sung that high before vocally. Anyways, I just don’t exactly love the song. I don’t fully enjoy this one, but maybe if you’re a new listener, you’ll find enjoyment in the chorus because that’s the best part.

Track 6: Dancing’s Not a Crime
Ah yes, the song that says it’s illegal to dance unless Brendon is dancing with you. Well sorry Brendon but with your new music, it’s hard not to dance. This song is yet ANOTHER that will want you jumping on your feet to dance along to and sing. This song never changes tempo, so you’ll always be dancing. This is another I catch myself always turning on to listen to on my way to work to dance and sing along to.

Track 7: One of the Drunks
As much as this title of this song sounds really inappropriate, it’s actually my number one favorite off of the album. As most of you who have read my tune talks in the past, I enjoy meaningful and deep music that sometimes has a slow/depressing type of tempo. That’s just me. That’s what this song has. It’s got that as well as another beautiful synthesizer in the background which keeps the groove going. I can’t specifically go through everything that can be heard in the song because it’s generally all beautiful.

Track 8: The Overpass
This song somehow reminds me of a James Bond moment where James is about to go and kick some butt. I’ve talked to my friends about it who also listen to this song and none of them agree to me. I’m just “special” according to them. Anyways, this is another song that’s actually kind of like “Roaring 20’s” and I’m not a HUGE fan of this song but I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to this song. But like I said, everyone has their own personal opinion on music. Maybe you’d enjoy if you’ve never heard of it before.

Track 9: King of the Clouds
This song starts off with a nice steady calm beat and then it kicks you into overdrive with a nice loud and high note Brendon Urie. This is actually the one song that I don’t listen to ENOUGH. I highly recommend this song if you liked “Dancing’s Not a Crime.”

Track 10: Old Fashioned
Here’s where it gets rough. This song is the one that I absolutely hate for so many reasons. The beat is very cringey to the ears, and it actually gave me a headache listening to the song. I hated the style of this song although it’s meant to be similar to the rest of the album. Sorry Brendon, but this song was definitely a bust for the album in opinion.

Track 11: Dying in LA
Every Panic! At the Disco album ends with a sad, depressing, and meaningful song. Well, they’re not ALL depressing, “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” ends with “Build God, Then We’ll Talk,” and “Pretty. Odd.” Ends with “Mad as Rabbits” which is mostly only depressing because that was Ryan Ross’s last song before he left the band in 2009. But that’s a different thing to get into. Anyways, this album ends with Brendon playing piano by himself and singing. The song is fairly depressing but I can say it’s a pretty good song. Most people love this one, I think you would too if you’ve never heard it before.