Tune Talk: Top 5 Nu Metal Albums

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

5. Fallen by Evanescene; 2003
This album is actually thought to be one of the most underrated albums we know of today. This is simply because the only song that anyone ever listened to or gave any credit to at all was “Bring Me to Life.” Which if you don’t know, it’s the “Wake Me up Inside” song. Personally I don’t own this album because I wouldn’t consider myself a huge Evanescene fan. But from what I’ve heard from this album, it sounded like something I can definitely get into. This album had some great songs like “My Immortal,” “Haunted,” “Imaginary,” “Taking Over Me,” “Everybody’s Fool,” “Going Under,” and of course, “Bring Me to Life.” If you’re one of those people that say you like Evanescene and the only song you know is “Bring Me to Life,” then I’d highly recommend you take a listen to the rest of the album. I’m sure you’ll love it.

4. Infest by Papa Roach; 2000
This one is yet another album that only got credit for its one song. Everybody who’s into Nu Metal has at least heard Papa Roach’s hit single, “Last Resort,” once or twice on the radio or they downloaded it on their phones or IPods. This album was so much more than just that one song. We got some classic Papa Roach anthems like “Infest,” “Broken Home,” “Dead Cell,” “Blood Brothers,” “Between Angels and Insects,” “Revenge,” “Snakes,” and of course their classic, “Last Resort.” Everyone who has their mind in the right place will happily go out and buy this album if their TRUE Papa Roach fans. These songs are classics and Papa Roach’s best work.

3. Meteora by Linkin Park; 2003
That’s right. I put Linkin Park’s “Meteora” album over their “Hybrid Theory” album. The main reason I did that was simply because “Meteora” was way more Nu Metal than “Hybrid Theory.” So I’m not saying one is better than the other. I’m just being more accurate with my list. Anyways, “Meteora” got us some pretty great songs if I do say so myself. I own this album. And I can definitely say it’s worth your time if you’re new to Linkin Park and you’re hungry for more of their music. On this album we got some pretty great tracks like “Don’t Stay,” “Faint,” “Easier to Run,” “Figure.09,” “Somewhere I Belong,” “From the Inside,” “Breaking the Habit,” and the classic, “Numb.” The overall style of this album was just Linkin Park’s best performance I’ve heard so far.

2. The Sickness by Disturbed; 2000
Not only is this album mostly known for the band behind the music. But it’s known for yet another rock anthem that all metal heads know, love, and enjoy. Disturbed released their debut/platinum album “The Sickness” way back in 2000 with some great songs like “The Game,” “Voices,” “Numb,” “Want,” “Fear,” “Violence Fetish,” and of course the greatest of the greats, “Down with the Sickness.” I don’t know about you guys, but this album is one of those albums that really set me in the direction of Nu Metal. This one is a must listen if you haven’t already.

1. Toxicity by System of a Down; 2001
Oh my god yes. This album will always be the best you’ve ever heard as a Nu Metal fan. I don’t even know where to begin whenever I’m talking about System of a Down. This album made its debut back in 2001 after about 3 years whenever they released their first self-titled album back in 1998. This album lifted all Nu Metal fans high in the sky with songs like “Prison Song,” “Atwa,” “Aerials,” “Psycho,” “Toxicity,” “Forest,” “Needles,” “Bounce,” and of course the 2001 anthem, “Chop Suey!” If this album didn’t set you off and you claim to be a Nu Metal fan, there’s seriously something wrong with you. This album will always be the best of the best.