Kerry Naylor

Freshman Ethan Hess is loving high school life.

Emma Chronister, Staff Writer

Ethan Hess’s first year of high school has been “going great so far. All of the teachers are really cool,” he said.

Ethan  said the biggest difference from the middle school is that there are way more freedoms and opportunities in the high school.

In his free time, Ethan does most of the things you might expect for a teenage boy.

“I play Fornite, hangout with my friends, and spend time with my family,” he said.

He also does a lot of things in high school.

“I have almost all of my honors classes in the morning, as well as Industrial Arts and Spanish. Eighth period I have study hall, which is a nice way to end the day,” said Ethan.

Ethan’s favorite class is Geometry. “I really like math, and Mrs. Stinson is awesome,” he said.

In the end, he’s really enjoying the move to high school.

“I would have to say that I like high school better (than middle school),” he said. “The teachers in the high school are way more easygoing. Also there are a lot more extra-curriculars and clubs that you can join, while in the middle school you are very limited, and the lunches seem better, too.”