Tune Talk: Top 3 Best Rock Bassist of All Time

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

3. Paul McCartney 1942-Present (The Quarrymen; The Beatles; Paul McCartney and Wings; Band Aid)
Obviously wildly known around the globe, Paul McCartney has been around forever and he definitely knows his way up and down the fret board of a bass guitar. McCartney, mostly known for his work in The Beatles, has been in several bands since the 60’s and is known to be the most creative and outspoken in The Beatles. Although McCartney doesn’t exactly show any true talent as a bassist (solo wise), it’s impressive he can sing what he sings and play bass at the same time.

2. Flea 1979-Present (Rocket Juice & the Moon; the Mars Volta; Janes Addiction; Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Mostly known for his work in the band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea was known to be in several bands including the ones I listed above as well as Circle Jerks, Pigface, Aleka’s Attic, Antemasque, What is this?, and Atoms for Peace. Flea is known to be one of the greatest slap bass players of all time as well as just plain being crazy himself. During a Red Hot Chili Peppers at Woodstock, Flea actually performed naked and still to this day nobody actually knows why he did it.

1. Cliff Burton 1962-1986 (Trauma; Metallica)
Some people will disagree with me putting Cliff at the top of the list rather than the legend known as Paul McCartney, but Cliff Burton honestly is the definition of the electric bass. Burton, known as metals greatest bassist of all time, is known mostly for his career with the metal band, Metallica, as well as his short time with the band, Trauma. Burton is known for his great bass solo’s featured during Metallica’s live performances as well as his head banging in which you couldn’t see his face whenever he did head bang because he had such long hair that covered his entire face. Everyone loved seeing this kid play back in the day and its a shame we lost him back in 1986 due to a bus crash during Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” tour. Rest in peace, Cliff.