Service Paws needs your pop tabs


Julianna Norris

You can drop your pop tabs off in this container, which is located in the media center.

Paige Wenner, Staff Writer

Supporting Service Dogs and Those They Serve

Service Paws is a non-profit, non-residential, community based organization and all members of the SPCP Advisory Board are volunteers. SPCP was established with the goal of helping individuals financially obtain a service dog and/or help train extraordinary veterinary costs for those currently using a service dog. Money is raised for the services through fundraising events, donations from the public, and collecting of aluminum can tabs.

Mrs. Linda Noonan, a  Title 1 reading aide at Myers Elementary, runs the district wide collection of aluminum can tabs for money for SPCP. This is her third year involved and she has collected 1,000 pounds worth so far. Last year BASD did great with getting 400 pounds of aluminum tabs collected. The price of the aluminum tabs are not only helpful but the awareness of Service Paws is also a benefit.

Collecting these tabs helps the community by helping those with disabilities live normal lives. Getting one dog for a child in a family can be extremely costly. Costs vary from training for the dog and user, traveling, and vet bills. Many who get a service dog need to get trained together and usually travel long distances for the training, which can take up to two years.

Everyone that collects is beneficial. Last year the collections of 400 pounds of aluminum tabs helped a young boy with PTSD get a service dog. This year the goal is to help a young girl with a deadly peanut allergy get a dog. There are many young kids in our area who look forward to having a productive, safer life thanks to these service dogs.