Sixth graders continue running business


Emma Chronister

The B-A Maker Tribe is at it again, running a fully functioning business out of the middle school.

Connor Gibbons, Staff Writer

Sixth grade students have learned how to edit products and sell their designs as part of the B-A Maker Tribe run by Mrs. Kyley Longo-McGarvey.

It continues a program started last year that implemented technology with creating a student-run business

The student’s have edited new products based on last year’s products.

“They have added new ornaments, the ornaments last year were out porcelain, they found a bigger ornament out of glass which is sturdier. They also added desk clocks, coaster sets, and stainless steel drinking canteens,”said Mrs. McGarvey.

Like last year they wanted to target other age groups, this year they wanted to target their age groups and peek certain audiences.

The students this year wanted to start out with a blank document and have people email them ideas; for example, if someone wanted to give their mom a gift, they could send them photos that they want on the gift.

The kids enjoy working with Mrs. McGarvey and having their own job every day, and they all have a certain click.

“They all have different jobs. When they come in they are all excited every single day,” said Mrs. McGarvey. “I have some kids that love to design, I have some kids that love to write letters newspapers or new stations, some kids are interested in packaging or business cards. Every kid is involved in the program and there is a lot of hands on learning.”

The kids have learned how to sell and what to sell products for and learned how they can comprehend marketing skills.

“They are learning how to select products, how they should sell it, and what they should sell it for,” Mrs. McGarvey said. “They are learning marketing skills and how to communicate with their peers and other people out of there age groups. They are learning a lot about problem solving so when designs don’t work or printing jobs go bad they know how to fix it.”