Top 3 Christian Metal Core Bands

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

3. WeAsHuman (2006-2016)
These guys were mostly known due to the fact they toured with the number one spot on this list and that actually gained them their publicity. Although WeAsHuman only has one album, which is surprising since they were together for 10 years, they also had an EP that came out in 2017 after they had broken up due to the lead singer not wanting to work with the band anymore because he was going through a rough time with his wife. He was getting divorced. On this EP came the last songs ever recorded with WeAsHuman that they had planned to release and tour but sadly, we only got a break up of a great Christian metal core band.

2. BlesstheFall (2004-Present)
I’d definitely say that this band is one of the most underrated bands of our time. I mean, if people who’re into music that’s more like Linkin Park and Red, I feel like you’d be into BlesstheFall’s music. Although most of BlesstheFall’s music doesn’t exactly seem like Christian music like their songs, “Hollow Bodies,” and “To Hell and Back,” most of their 2011, “Awakening” album and the entirety of “Witness” except for that song I mentioned, “To Hell and Back,” was a great album. Most of their newer material isn’t exactly Christian, but the band will always be remember for their religious beliefs, being Christian.

1. Red (2002-Present)
Known to be one of the most successful Christian metal core bands of all time, Red has been around for a LONG time. Most people know them off of Christian radio, and most people know them from their activity with the popular Christian rock/metal band, Skillet. Red has so many successful albums that have led them to the height of their career that got them as popular as they are today. With their most successful album, “Until We Have Faces,” Red has been at the top since about 2011. Most people who are really into Christian rock or metal type of music, and I won’t mention any names, Cooper Burns, absolutely love these guys and actually have been egging me on to do a story involving them. I just felt like they belong at the number one spot on this list mostly because they’re so popular and talented as a group.