HOLIDAY-ISH: Global Cat Day


Courtesy photo

Ms. Clippard’s cat Noggin is chilling out this Global Cat Day.

Jordyn Beam, Writer/Page Editor

What other animal is more deserving of a GLOBAL holiday than cats?

Cats are complex creatures. They will do what they need to survive, and in reality, they don’t actually need us. The fact that they will spend their 16-year lifespan with humans, a far less superior life form, is truly just amazing.

With that in mind, today we celebrate Global Cat Day, a day set aside to raise awareness for the need to adopt shelter cats.

If you’re lucky, these precious little fur balls will actually let you pet them. Who can resist their wittle ears and wittle toe beans? Not me that’s for sure.

All cats are deserving of love just like any other animal. Cat haters will go to their deathbed claiming they are awful pets of the worst type. But do you know who can survive easier in the wild? Definitely not humans!

Cats can also serve as a personal exterminator without the high costs. Sometimes they will even bring you what they caught just so you are proud of them. Bless.

If you are ever even remotely considering adopting a cat you should do it today, so you have the excuse of it being Global cat day when the anti-cat gestapo interrogate you for your choice of pets.

And remember, adopt don’t shop, and to celebrate post your cat picks using the hashtag #globalcatday.