HOLIDAY-ISH: National Sweetest/Swedish Day

Today, October 20th is a special holiday, today is national sweetest day. Today is a day to bring your loved ones some sweets, and spread love and kindness.

Take your friends and family some chocolate, some cake, or maybe an olive branch for the testy ones in your life.

National sweetest day doesn’t just have to be for friends and family, you might even want to go out and be a dear to the random people you might pass on the street. This would be completely acceptable because today is a day to be the sweetest version of you that you can be.

Now, for those rare people who don’t enjoy being a decent human being, do not worry, we put a special twist on today’s holiday just for you. You might notice that ‘sweetest’ sounds a lot like the word ‘Swedish’

National Swedish Day, a great alternative if national sweetest day just does not tickle your fancy. Break out your juiciest Swedish meatballs, your favorite ABBA songs, and your best Viking hat. No friends, today is not Leif Erickson day, its national Swedish day!