Top 3 Christian Alternative Rock Albums

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

3. The Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot (2003)
I grew up loving and listening to Switchfoot along with so many other Christian alternative rock fans. Nobody could put anybody over Switchfoot whenever it came to quality. That is until about 2014ish whenever they released “Fading West” which was when their career went a little bit downhill. Let’s not focus on the downside here though, let’s focus on Switchfoot’s greatest album. “The Beautiful Letdown” featured so many beautiful songs that us Switchfoot fans can’t get over. Songs like “Redemption,” “Gone,” “This is Your Life,” “More than Fine,” “Dare You to Move,” “On Fire,” “Adding to the Noise,” and of course their biggest hit “Meant to Live.”

2. Inland by Jars of Clay (2013)
As I’ve already made clear in the past, I’m a huge fan of Jars of Clay. This band has been around since 1993 but didn’t release their first album in 1995, “Frail.” The reason I say that their newest album is much better than any of their older albums is simply because this album has more quality than the others. I’m definitely not saying that their older work is bad, all of their work is amazing, and I just think that their newest album brought the band to a whole different light than the others. This album pretty much takes your mind off onto a trip, it’s almost as if you look at the album cover and you’re on the boat that’s on the album cover and you’re sailing across the steady stream as the music is playing. There are so many great songs off of this album like “Age of Immature Mistakes,” “After the Fight,” “Human Race,” “Pennsylvania,” “Love in the Hard Times,” “Loneliness and Alcohol,” “Skin and Bones,” and “Left Undone” that just keep you in a calm and steady mood while you’re listening to the quality of the music. True masterpiece if you ask me.

1. Thunder After Lightning by Downhere (2007)
This album brought Christian Alternative rock to a whole different level. Downhere was already special in their own way, they’ve got their own general style of music. They had shared vocals between lead singer and lead guitarist, Marc Martell, and rhythm guitarist, pianist, and lead singer as well as backup singer, Jason Germain. This album brought so many memories for me as well as so many other families. This band literally made FAMILIES love them. That’s how you know its good music. Everyone loves it. This album brought some of Downhere’s biggest hits, “Close to Midnight,” “15,” “Whatever Happens,” “Someone,” “A Better Way,” and of course the biggest hit, “Thunder After Lightning.”