Tune Talk Conspiracy Theories: The Death of Kurt Cobain

Willie Williams, Staff Writer

I’ve wanted to make a special article about this very subject for a very long time. I’ve heard so many conspiracy theories on the death of Nirvana front man, Kurt Cobain, and I can believe and relate to some of them, while others don’t exactly make any sense. I can’t wait to just jump right into this one so we’ll go right into it.

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and lead guitarist for the legendary grunge band, Nirvana, from 1989-1994. Cobain struggled with depression, bipolar depression, anxiety, as well as ADHD as a kid and was actually suicidal throughout his teenage years. His mother and father actually divorced whenever he was only 9 years old and of course he couldn’t really cope with that so towards his early teenage years he started trying to attempt suicide.

As Cobain got older, he was actually one of the smarter kids in school. Elementary school that is, Cobain wasn’t the brightest in high school. In fact, he was so fed up that high school was harder than middle and elementary school that he dropped out and came back about 3 years later to work at his old school as a janitor.

Skipping way ahead to 1987, Cobain finally formed together a band with his longtime friend, Krist Novoselic, and some new comers, Chad Channing and Jason Everman. The band was Fecal Matter. I’m not going to explain what that is so you can go look it up on a school computer.

Anyways, before this band actually released its first record, they kicked out Jason Everman because he wanted to contribute in the song writing of the album. Problem is, he didn’t just want to “contribute,” he wanted to write all of the songs full time. Clearly that wouldn’t work since number one, Kurt is one of the best songwriters of all time, and number two, Kurt wasn’t willing to give the position up, so they kicked Jason out after he paid for the entire bill of the studio.

Jason paid to be in the studio as well as everyone required to make the “Bleach” album. Chad Channing was kicked out about a year or two after the album due to the same reason but Channing was on the “Nevermind” track, “In Bloom” and was given credit in the album.

I’m going to skip ahead to 1994 since obviously I’ve already went through and covered “Nevermind” and “In Utero” in other stories as well as “Insecticide.” So in 1994, Kurt was going through a rough time not only with his depression disorder, but his life in general. I mean his wife and his career. Kurt had allegedly planned on leaving Courtney AND Nirvana and moving out of Seattle to get away from the fame.

If I hadn’t mentioned it before, Kurt hated being famous. Nobody exactly knew why but we all kind of figured that he felt this way seeing as how Kurt hated a lot of things except for punk rock and grunge music. Anyways, Kurt wanted to get away from all of the fame and whatnot but Courtney of course didn’t want him to leave her. So here is where the conspiracy comes in.

Many people of course believe that Courtney killed Kurt. With the amount of heroin that was in Kurt’s system, he shouldn’t/couldn’t have been able to hold the gun in his mouth and pull the trigger. There are so many conspiracy theories covering what happened to Kurt Cobain, but we don’t have any actual video evidence of what truly happened. So, for all we know, maybe Courtney really DID kill Kurt, who knows?

I’ll start us off with the typical theory.

Courtney killed Kurt.

Straight up, just Courtney is the one who shot Kurt and she cleansed the fingerprints from the gun. She’s the one who wrote the last few sentences of the suicide note that had been put near Kurt’s body. The note was believed not to be a suicide note, it was just a typical note to Kurt’s record producer I believe. If you read the entire note, it really looks like it wasn’t intended to be a suicide note. Anyways, let’s move on.

There’s nothing wrong with that theory, it could’ve happened. It really could’ve for all we know. We just didn’t think that Courtney was actually intelligent. She really isn’t whether or not this is true. But if this were true, this takes this to a whole other level for her.

The next theory is the dumbest one.

Kurt Cobain faked his death and is living in Argentina.

First question from me. Why in the world would he just want to live in Argentina? Kurt said that if he had the chance to getaway to go anywhere, he would probably go to Italy or Spain. Never once has he ever mentioned any random comments about Argentina. Other than that small problem, he honestly would be one to fake his death. After all, he is the one that wanted to get away from all of the fame, so that part is actually accurate and can bring some speculation.

This last theory is the one that I believe could use some investigation because it oddly fits together like a puzzle.

Kurt was indeed murdered by Courtney, but she didn’t kill him, she hired a hitman.

I know that sounds insane at first, but there is legitimate video surveillance evidence that she talked to people about killing her husband. As long as this guy wasn’t mentally insane, which he didn’t look it to me. Eldon Hoke, or “El Douche,” was known for being in the rock band, The Mentors, in the early to late 90’s. In a Netflix documentary, the people who did “Kurt and Courtney” interviewed Hoke and he claimed that Courtney Love offered him 50 grand to “whack” Kurt Cobain, but he turned down the offer. The only reason that most people believed this to be true that Courtney had made this offer was because Eldon Hoke was found dead on railroad tracks where he was TIED. He was MURDERED in 1997 only about 3 days after the interview. Now of course police just called it “Death by Misadventure,” and it was an “accident.” But my god, if that wasn’t evidence enough, I don’t know what is. That was insane.

Now hopefully I won’t die shortly after publishing this story but I’m really glad that I went through and did this story now during my senior year because honestly I want this one to be memorable.