Tune Talk: Top 3 Most Iconic Moments in Rock History

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

3. The Death of Kurt Cobain (1994)
I know that I may talk about this specific death a little too much but we all have to admit one thing. The death of Kurt Cobain heavily impacted literally everyone around the world in the late 1990’s. As we all know, Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and lead guitarist for the legendary grunge band, Nirvana from 1987 up until 1994 which was the time of his death. Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Seattle home on April 5th, 1994 with a shotgun in his hand, a “suicide note” next to him, and drugs near his body. He had overdosed on heroin before the time of his death. Once the word got out that Cobain was dead, everyone was absolutely devastated. I mean come on. This guy literally changed an era, you have to have some gratitude to appreciate what the guy did in his time.

2. Keith Moon drum set explodes on The Smothers Brothers (1967)
Everybody knew about this in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Nobody will ever forget the time that Keith Moon not only put way too much dynamite in his snare during an episode of The Smothers Brothers, but the fact that it accidentally went off early and impaired the hearing of The Who’s lead guitarist and backup vocalist, Pete Townshend. This disaster has appeared everywhere. Everyone talked about it. It was iconic simply because that’s whenever The Who was one bad band.

1. The Beatles appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (1964)
Ok seriously, we’re talking about the first time we ever heard and saw The Beatles play live. This episode of The Ed Sullivan Show has been known to be one of the most iconic and most viewed broadcasts of all-time. Since The Beatles had just started, we all know that all of the girls back in the day were losing their minds once they saw The Beatles playing live on this TV show. This episode of The Ed Sullivan Show is the main reason the show was so popular back in the day.