HOLIDAY-ISH: National Jukebox Day

Today, November 21, 2019 is national jukebox day. You know what that means???? Let’s get funky.

We can thank Louis Glass for giving us this music machine. The jukebox was first invented in 1889 for people to congregate and listen to music. It was formally called “the nickel-in-the-slot machine” so shoutout to whoever changed the name. You a real one for that.

Back in the olden days of 1989, the compact disc replaced the times of the juke.

But where else would you find a 5 cent music experience?! Nowhere!

These machines not only livened up a scene with its banger tunes, but it was also just really cute. Tell me they aren’t. You can’t. You’d be lying.

I know, personally, I would have definitely found myself in one of these wonderful establishments, called “jook joints”.  

From jazz, to country, to mainstream pop tunes the jukebox plays it all! There’s nothing it can’t do! They are great!

So, in the sake of this underappreciated holiday, find your old people, grandparents or something, and see if they have an ole juke lyin around and jam to the wide selection of like 25 songs. Enjoy!