Tune Talk Album Review: The Smashing Pumpkins Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun.

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

This may come to a surprise to see that The Smashing Pumpkins got together and actually released a new album after about 9 years of inactivity. The Smashing Pumpkins don’t really change their material. No surprise. They’ve stuck to their classic alternative rock genre ever since they’ve gotten together as a band.

Track 1: Knights of Malta
Interesting song to kick off the new album. Definitely something that I’ve never heard before. I don’t know what the background singers were singing but all I could hear was them saying “whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoaaaaaa” and I found that really weird. Other than that, it’s the classic Smashing Pumpkins song. I think this one sounded pretty good, can’t say I’ll listen to it again and again, but I’ll chime in maybe here and there for a listen.

Track 2: Slivery Sometimes (Ghosts)
This song is the best one off the album. I know I just started listening to the album but everything about this song is great. The rhythm of the guitars, bass, and drums is just perfect. I can’t go into full detail because the song was just that good. The song is more of a faster pace if you understand what I mean by that. It goes further into the alternative rock category. But it keeps the same steady beat the entire time.

Track 3: Travels
Another really good song that really gives alternative rock its definition. I don’t know what alternative rock would be like without The Smashing Pumpkins. This song is like the 2nd track. Perfect equality of the alternative rock sound and it’s definitely something that I could grow on and most likely listen to over and over again if I were to ever buy the album. The songs about five minutes long though so I only really listened to about three minutes

Track 4: Solara
It only gets heavier from here. I mean it seems like it. The song starts out with the djent of the guitars but it escalates from there. The reason this song was great was because of the escalation of the tempo, the rhythm, and the calmness. This song was so good that I was trying to look around for the meaning of the song, like what the song was about but I came up short since the album is pretty much brand new so nobody was really able to define all of the songs quite yet.

Track 5: Alienation
The songs called alienation. And it has a UFO type of sound playing the background from a synthesizer keyboard. Classic. This song is much slower than the last three songs, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s still a really good song in my opinion. We all know how I am with my tempo, it doesn’t always have to be fast. If it’s slower I prefer the chords to be in a minor key, and that’s exactly what The Smashing Pumpkins did here. It sounds really good.

Track 6: Marchin’ On
I love how they went from a slower song to this heavy fast beat song. I love whenever bands do that with their albums. This song is really good. I love fast beat songs, we all know this. This one keeps it fast in the bridge and the introduction but it’s slower towards the chorus. Don’t worry. It doesn’t stay slow, it kicks right back up once it goes back to the bridge. That’s the type of music that I really love. Definitely recommend if you’re a new listener on this album. It’s almost as if they attempted to go a little metal.

Track 7: With Sympathy
This song is another slower song with the key in the minor area. I really like this one more or so because of the route that The Smashing Pumpkins went with the detail of the song with the guitars rhythm and all of the instruments in general. Beautiful music.

Track 8: Seek and You Shall Destroy
The last song of the album. It’s fast tempo. I love it. The key sounds beyond minor and it’s heavy. I love it all. I don’t what else to say besides, you absolutely have to give this song a try. It’s worth it, trust me. Especially if you’re an alternative rock fan.