Top Conspiracy Theories


Lordin Williams

These are interesting

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

Conspiracy theories are one of the most interesting things to me. They keep you guessing and probably will never be solved. The fact that you don’t know whether they are true is what makes these great. I would love to know if you believe these or not.

If you haven’t noticed these by now, then start looking. If you look in the sky, what do you see? Clouds. But what about chemtrails? These are the cloud-like trails that are supposedly different forms of chemicals or biological substances that are formed behind air-crafts and is secretly dropped on the public. People are mad about this because people believe it is unconstitutional to do this without the publics knowledge. I don’t personally believe in this, but who am I to say whether or not it is real.
Bush and 9/11
This is a very popular theory. Revolving around the idea that George Bush and the government executed 9/11. Many people report seeing bombs going off and hearing ticking of the bombs on the floors of the World Trade Centers. The way the sides of the towers blew out does make it seem like that could have happened. Another reason people believe this is because of the planes. Many have dissected the videos and have said the planes were animated. A lot of people say the way the planes disintegrated wouldn’t have happened. I could see where people believe this, but I still don’t believe it myself because I don’t see our government releasing chemicals into the air.
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
This is about FEMA stacking coffins and building forms of concentration camps. They are supposedly found in many varying states across the country. I don’t fully believe that our government would actually go so far as to build concentration camps for the American people, but I wouldn’t put it put them. If you look at the pictures of the vicinities they are building, they look like concentration camps. Now the coffins, I’m not sure what those are about, but it isn’t comforting. This one seems more believable than the others, but I’m still not convinced.