Community can order mini-THON t-shirts


Kaelynn Behrens

Mini-THON is under way!

Ashlyn Ball, Staff Writer

In a slight change from last year, the Bellwood-Antis community will be able to participate in mini-THON with the chance to buy a 2019 mini-THON shirt.

“We raised the goal to $15,000, which will be harder to get, so having the community pay helps.  Lots of people last year wanted to buy shirts and we didn’t have them for the community”, comments Maya Decker.

Forms to purchase the mini-THON shirts, which cost $10, are available through Brandie Ray, Maya Decker, the District Office, or you can print a digital form off of the Bellwood-Antis website.

“I had a lot of questions last year, and we figured if we opened it up to the community it would be a great way to support THON and raise funds,” said min-THON advisor Brandon Stewart.

If students and the community donate $10 before February 1, the t-shirt is included for free.

Each grade and the community will be given specific colors.  The community will get yellow shirts, seniors will get purple, juniors will receive blue, sophomores will get pink, and freshman will get orange.

The deadline to order shirts is February 1.