This or That: Winter Edition


Miranda Tornatore

Ava likes to stay home, drink hot chocolate and watch movies during the winter months.

We had to chance to interview eighth grader Ava Miller and ask her about some of her favorites during the winter season. Read on to find out what she had to say…

Ice skating or snowboarding?

Ava : Ice skating

Stay inside all cozy or enjoy the snow outside?

Ava:  Stay inside

Chili or soup?

Ava: Soup

Earmuffs or knit hat?

Ava:  Knit hat

Winter Olympics or Super Bowl?

Ava:  Super Bowl

Flannel or sweatshirt?

Ava: Sweatshirt

Hot chocolate or coffee?

Ava: Coffee

Christmas or Valentine’s Day?

Ava: Christmas

December, January or February?

Ava: December

Sweater or socks?

Ava: Socks

That’s it for our winter edition. Stay tuned for more!