Another LGBTQ+ Singers


Lordin Williams

These are very good artists

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

Having people you can look up to is important ans being in the LGBTQ+ community and having an idol who is in it too, even more so. Seeing openly gay or even trans idols is such a strong thing for young teens  dealing with coming out because they can see these stars making an amazing living the way they want to. These three stars stand out for their openness and dedication to the LGBTQ+ community.

Hayley Kiyoko
Hayley is a very well know singer in the community. She is a lesbian and is very open about it. She started her career with acting with the Cartoon Network adaptation of Scooby-Doo and then was in Disney’s Lemonade Mouth. Her first big hit was Girls Like Girls. She has three albums and has recently gone on tour with Panic! At the Disco. She has been an inspiration for young girls struggling with their sexuality, and her music is just good on its own.
Troye Sivan
Troye is a gay Australian musician that started his career on YouTube. He did covers of various song and eventually started making his own music. His album Blue Neighborhood was a hit when it released. This sky rocketed him to the top. He has been very open about his sexuality and came out in one of his videos on YouTube. He is very talented, and I hope he keeps it up.
Girl in Red
Girl in Red is a lesbian Norwegian singer/songwriter. She isn’t the most known singer but has a very good style. She is most known for her song “We Fell in Love in October”. The video has over 1 million views on YouTube. She is making herself known in the community with music, which I would describe as being a very vintage sound. I have heard her music in places like H&M, but I hope on the radio soon.