Tune Talk Album Review: Bring Me the Horizon’s “Amo”

Willie Williams, Staff Writer

I’m honestly extremely disappointed to say that this album just wasn’t good. Like at all. Bring Me the Horizon has gone full on pop this year, and I can tell you right now, 99% of their fans absolutely hate it. Just as much as most Panic! At the Disco fans hate that Brendon Urie has turned his band more to the pop side of things. Anyways, we’re not here to talk about Panic! At the Disco, we’re here to talk about the disappointment we know of today as Bring Me the Horizon fans, “Amo.” I know that we all miss the metalcore Bring Me the Horizon, but this is what we have to deal with now because lead singer of Bring Me the Horizon, Oliver Sykes, apparently did something to his vocal chords which doesn’t allow him to scream like he used to.

Track 1: i apologise if you feel something
Here’s where it all started. I don’t know what the beginning of this song. It honestly sounds like the Chainsmokers to me, and I hate the Chainsmokers new stuff. I can’t even tell if the vocals on this track is Oliver Sykes in the beginning. Like it’s so bad, that it honestly sounds like something that Justin Bieber would come out with. That’s how bad this is. Compared to their older stuff. Leave while you still can.

Track 2: MANTRA
Why? Why is this what we have now that Oliver can’t scream anymore? This one may not sound all that bad in the beginning, but skip ahead, the chorus is literally a robot who says “mantra.” I’m pretty sure the random dude singing in the middle of the song isn’t Oliver. I know it’s sad I can tell Oliver’s screaming aside from other guys who scream. But I could just tell it wasn’t Oliver in this song. Not a good song, not a bad song. I still would definitely not recommend.

Track 3: Nihilist Blues
It doesn’t get any prettier on this album. If you were looking for a positive review for whatever I just listened to, you’re wrong. Not only is this song just another pop song that nobody wants to hear from Bring Me the Horizon, but the lyric video I watched along with is just concerned me. It’s like a bunch of these random blue people are dancing and singing along with the song. It was weird and generally really bad.

Track 4: in the dark
Honestly this song had me convinced that Halsey was in the beginning because there’s a random lady singing before Oliver comes in. This song has the best off the album, it’s not too pop like, but it’s still too much for me. I can only handle so much of the synthesizing keyboard in a song.

Track 5: wonderful life
No idea what the lyric video of this song was. I’ll forever be confused about anything these guys attempt to shoot a video for from now on. It’s some kiss looking member eating cereal. Surprisingly, this song had a whole like two seconds of Oliver screaming, but that’s all you get. The song in general wasn’t absolutely awful, but I still wouldn’t listen to it on a daily basis.

Track 6: ouch
I figured I’d be concerned about this one mostly because of the random title. And I was correct. The beginning of this song sounds like something Tupac would write if he was still alive. In general, Bring Me the Horizon was slowly regaining about one percent of my respect back until I heard this song. Like the last two I did before this song weren’t that bad. Oliver doesn’t even sing for this song I’m pretty sure. It sounds like a woman to me and it’s only a minute and forty-nine seconds long.

Track 7: medicine
Too much Bieber like sound for me. I can’t stand the sound of Oliver nowadays. It’s just not good. This was the song that Bring Me the Horizon played on Good Morning America, or some other Morning America show. I don’t remember off the top of my head. But that’s the question. Why are they playing on these shows? They used to be inappropriate to have on these shows because they were loud and emo. But now they’re just pop. It’s horrible.

Track 8: sugar honey ice &tea
I’m hoping that I’m not the only one who immediately thought of Madagascar whenever they saw this title, whenever Marty is running away from Alex in slow motion and Marty says “Oh sugar honey ice tea.” Anyways, this one isn’t all that bad. The rhythm of the song kind of reminds me of something that Rise Against or the Foo Fighters would do, at least until random mystery woman comes back in to sing the chorus of the song.

Track 9: why you gotta kick me when i’m down?
I can definitely say that I’m not on the edge of my seat. That’s what the lyrics say in the first few lines of the song. There’re also random children that sing with Oliver in this one. This song is honestly really bad. Just as bad as the first one, and I can say that the first song off this album is the worst off the entire album. This just isn’t good. It’s a bad album.

Track 10: fresh bruises
Nice healthy title. What could go wrong? So many things went wrong here. Immediate pop sounding background singers puncture your ears as your listening to the song. It’s like Owl City possessed Bring Me the Horizon and this is what they thought was a good idea for a new album.

Track 11: mother tongue
As I said in the last song about Owl City, ironically this song legitimately sounds like the singer Owl City is in the song. Fireflies two is out now apparently. Anyways, this one sounds like something that the producers of that old Disney show my sister used to watch, “Austin & Ally,” would put on their show for Ross Lynch to sing. The album doesn’t get any better folks.

Track 12: heavy metal (feat. Rahzel)
For a song title heavy metal, it sounded like it in the beginning. I was surprised Bring Me the Horizon still knew what distortion was after the past eleven tracks aside from the fourth and fifth that weren’t so horrible but still weren’t all that great. Of course the song generally had to be heavy with a title like that, but it’s still not the same with Oliver not singing like he used to. It’s still no good to me.

Track 13: i don’t know what to say
Finally, this absolutely horrendous album is almost over. Of course, they feel the need to end this awful album with a slower paced song. There’s like this random orchestra that plays in the background while Oliver sings like Owl City again. It’s not good. None of this was good. Please for your sanity, DO NOT buy this album if you’re a Bring Me the Horizon fan of the old stuff they used to do. None of it is the same.