Spread the Word event scheduled for bocce team


Kaelynn Behrens

Spread the word!

Paige Wenner, Staff Writer

BAHS is hosting our very first Spread the Word! event Tuesday morning.

Unified Bocce Coach Mr. Stewart is encouraging everyone to go to the Spread the Word to End the Word website and sign the pledge top make a more inclusive community. This event is open to the community, not just high school students.

Mr. Stewart said it’s not a pep rally in the traditional sense, but it is to recognize all state level athletes, students, and teams. That includes the bocce team, which will be playing in the state championships this week in Hershey.

The original goal of the Spread the Word movement, Mr. Stewart said, is to get rid of the use of the “R” word in relation to special olympians and special education students. This is recognized every March. Students are encouraged to pledge to spread the word, to end the word. Let’s get this out there!

The bocce team will be playing in Hershey on Wednesday and if they win that match, they will move onto Thursday’s competition.

There will be an exhibition bocce game with administrators such as Mr. Schreier and Mr. Hanna.

Because the pep rally encourages inclusion, it will also feature recognition of other winter honorees from B-A, including All-State band member Dominic Tornatore and the girls basketball team.

Tomorrow. 4th period. Be there.