What day is it?…GAME DAY!


Mya Decker, Multimedia Editor

It’s no secret that the Bellwood-Antis Lady Blue Devils are on their way to Hershey!  The team, the community, and the school are beyond excited at a chance for a repeat title! But few are more excited than the coaching staff.

If you live in Bellwood, you’ve heard the phrase “What day is it?” and anyone around you screams “Game Day!” The phrase was coined by assistant coach Kyley Longo-McGarvey after paying a visit to Michigan State to shadow their team.

“There were several things that really stood out…ideas, mottos, philosophies, drills, workouts and so on. But while I was sitting in the gym as the team prepared for their season opener, senior leader Lexi Gussert screamed ‘ITSSSSSS GAMMMEEEEEEEE DAYYYYYYY’ and I knew that was it. I could use that for our girls,” said Long-McGarvey.

She took the mantra and last season began creating motivational videos for her own team.

It’s simple. A person or a group of people produce a video with the infamous question “What day is it? Game Day!” and send it to Kyley Longo-McGarvey. She edits the footage together and uses these videos to pump the team up and show them how supported they are.

People from across the country and across the world have sent in game day videos. Videos from past teammates and players, military bases, and countries as far and wide as Austria, New Zealand, Japan, Africa, Belgium are pouring in. Even collegiate and professional athletes are sending in videos.

“This year we got Dance Cam Mom from the Golden State Warriors to send a video! Its crazy! People who don’t know the girls are still sending videos to share their support,” said Longo-McGarvey.

Coach Longo-McGarvey said the girls really like seeing videos from past players because they paved the way for the current players. Its means a lot to them when they see kids they looked up to when they were younger cheering them on to states.

“I really enjoy the parent videos and the ones from past teammates. You cant pick a favorite. They are all too cool,” said Macy Decker.

Likewise, Riley D’Angelo said, “Seeing the community to come together to support us and make us laugh before the big games is definitely an amazing feeling!”

The videos are keepsakes for the girls for the rest of their lives. The support and positive messages sent will definitely impact them forever! Good luck Lady Blue Devils! The community is behind you all the way. WHAT DAY IS IT? IT’S GAME DAYYYYY!