Spread the Word assembly peps up the teams


Maria Cuevas

ThSpread the Word rally; March 19, 2019. (Maria Cuevas)e unified bocce team took down the girls basketball team in a game of bocce at the Spread the Word rally.

Paige Wenner, Staff Writer

Bellwood-Antis had its first Spread the Word rally on Tuesday. This is a movement created by Special Olympics to include everyone and stop using the “R” word.

The event was very exciting. All All-State level students were recognized individually and as a team.

Mr. Nick Lovrich did great at hyping the crowd up as the emcee. He hit on many points, from explaining that students shouldn’t be embarrassed about getting rowdy at school events, to including every single student and taking pride in one’s own success. He started cheers in the crowd for school spirit and the teams.

Students were recognized for all-state performances in several different events: Jenna Bartlett for cross country; Dominic Tornatore for band; Alivia Jacobs, Emma Corrado, and Haley Campbell for speech; Anna Sloey for chorus; Trentin Whaley for wrestling; the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams; and the unified bocce team.

There was an exhibition bocce match between the bocce team with the help of school officer Mr. Hanna and Superintendent Dr. McCinroy and a  team made up of girls’ basketball players. The bocce team pulled out with the victory, 3-2.

Both the bocce team and the Lady Blue Devils will be competing in Hershey this week in a hunt for a state championships.

Good luck to the bocce team and girls’ basketball team in Hershey! #ChoosetoInclude