Upcoming Netflix Shows


Lordin Williams

You need to see these

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

Netflix is a very good place for movies. From comedies to horror to Indie, they have a slew of options. They are also very good with their shows. Here are some upcoming Netflix shows you definitely should binge
Santa Clarita Diet (Season 3)- March 29th
In this comedy, Sheila (Drew Barrymore) comes down with an illness that turns her into a zombie, although she is not the flesh-eating monster that is usually portrayed in movies or other tv shows. She kills people who deserve it, such as criminals. The highly anticipated third season will be coming out this Friday on Netflix. Sheila is trying to convince her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) to let her turn him so they can live a long life together. This season looks like it will have a very comedic feel, but serious at the same time.
On My Block (Season 2)-March 29th
On My Block is a show that follows a group of Latino friends in a rough inner-city neighborhood, trying to make it through high school. They face many ups and downs, especially at the end of the season. Viewers are going to enter the second season with two of the teens seriously injured after an attempted homicide. This is a very anticipated show after what happened at the end of season one, which left fans of the show on the edge of their seats. Let’s hope that the season ends well
Black Summer (Season 1)-April 11th
This is a show that will be a prequal to the beloved SyFy show Z Nation. When a mother (Jaime King) is separated from her daughter, she makes it her mission to get her back. She meets a group of American refugees who helps her during this difficult task. This definitely looks like it will be a good show, If you have ever watched Z Nation, you know that show was on the more comedic side, Black Summer however, is on the serious side. Let’s hope it holds up.