Prom sign-ups going on now


Emilie Leidig

Prom sign-ups are approaching their deadline.

Alex Frederick, Staff Writer

Attention Bellwood-Antis students, it’s prom season!

Students must register for this event by April 4. Registration materials can be turned into Junior Class Avisor Mrs. Dawn Frank during homeroom, fourth period, or after school. Money and guest slips should be included when you turn in your registration.

This year the Prom will be held at the casino in Lakemont on Friday, April 26. It will run from 7:30 to 10:30.

“Preparations are going very well but it’s definitely different than last year,” said Mrs. Frank. “The Prom is at a different location this year, so we are kind of guessing as we go. There are certain things we can’t do this year like we’ve done in the past, such as the food we can have available.”

You can purchase your tickets from Mrs. Frank for a cost of $35 per person. If a student wants to take someone from a different school, you have to get a permission slip signed by that student’s principal and approved by B-A principal Mr. Richard Schrier. Also, if your date is over 21 years of age, they will have to have a meeting with Mr. Schreier.