Bad Superhero Movies


Lordin Williams

I would suggest not watching these

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

In a world full of hero movies, some just aren’t meant to be. Most end up being let downs. Here are three particularly bad ones.

Green Lantern
This movie was a disaster from the start. I know that I was very excited for this movie and was upset with the outcome. The acting wasn’t necessarily the problem, the problem was more the special effects. Hal’s suit was all CGI, as was most of the movie. His lantern, which is a key part to him, looked awful. It looked like a cardboard cutout wrapped in a green fruit-roll up. This was so bad, I would give it a 1/5. I don’t blame Ryan Reynolds for this, he was fine, the creators of the movie just tried too hard.
Catwoman– 2004
No offense to Halle Berry, but this movie was atrocious. The script wasn’t the greatest and some of the acting was terrible as well. Then there is her suite, which basically consisted of nothing. She only has a bra with straps and pants. Not the greatest form of defense. It was also bad because Halle had to outshine Michelle Pfiffer, who portrayed Catwoman in the 1992 film Batman Returns, which is pretty much impossible. Needless to say, not the most appealing movie to watch.
This movie is as problematic as they come. The only thing they did good was the contacts to make Ben Affleck look blind. The man who played Bullseye didn’t do the job well. His acting seemed very forced, it didn’t flow. The movie also seemed to kind of jump all over the place. It would go from Daredevil to Kingpin out of the blue. I will admit that the chemistry between Ben and Jennifer was good, but the movie didn’t handle Electra (Jennifer Garner) well. The movie isn’t one I would recommend.