Sensational Sophomore: Joe Dorminy

This week’s Sensational Sophomore is Joe Dorminy. Throughout his high school experience, Joe has juggled being an honors student while doing sports and still being able to let loose with his friends.

Joe is known by pretty much everyone for his humor and ability to crack jokes whenever.

“Joe will always give you a laugh, no matter what,” says Troy Walker.

This school year, Dorminy is proving himself to make an impact on both the football team and baseball team. His favorite part about high school has been playing sports. Dorminy is a part time starter for the varsity baseball team. His highlight of the season so far has been playing in the curve classic.

“This season has been pretty fun, especially playing on the curve field,” said Dorminy.

Inside the classroom, Dorminy does really well. He has made it a goal to get at least honor roll all four marking periods. Joe’s favorite teacher this year is Mr. Gabe for his straightforwardness. Overall, Mr. Van has made the biggest impact on his high school career because of his tolerance.

Outside of school, Dorminy likes to play sports and video games. He also likes to watch “Dragon Ball Z.”

“It’s an absolutely fantastic show, 10/10 would watch over and over,” said Dorminy.

Dorminy is also a fun person to be around.

“Joe’s personality is unlike anyone I’ve seen before,” says Dallas Hollen.

Overall, Joe Dorminy says sophomore year is going pretty good… sensational some would say.