Jase Hostler

Jake Baker is a tenth grader who plays soccer and loves NBA 2K.

Jake Baker has been a student at B-A since kindergarten. Some of Jake’s hobbies outside of school consist of working out at the Northern Blair County Recreation Center and hanging out with friends.

Jake’s favorite sport is soccer, and his favorite memory while playing soccer would be beating Philipsburg this past season. When asked about his teammate Conner Bardell, he says, “He is a great soccer player and a funny person to be around.”

Baker’s best friends are Griffen Kyle, Cayden Pellegrine, and Ryan Marinak. His favorite memory with his friends would be getting his first Fortnite win with them.

Speaking of video games, Jake says he likes to play Minecraft and NBA 2K, which is his favorite game right now.

In case you needed just a little more personal information, Jake’s favorite food is chicken wings, favorite color is blue, and his favorite animal is a Baboon.

Thanks to Jake Baker for taking time to answer these questions.