HOLIDAY-ISH: National Honesty Day


Let’s talk about the fruit of life, the key to every relationship EVER, the thing you never want to do the opposite of to your parents: HONESTY.

If you’re like Billy Joel, honesty might just be another lonely word, everyone might seem so untrue.

If you haven’t guessed by now, Today April 30th, is national honesty day. If you’re a decent human being, then this day is just another day in the life of a good person.

If you’re not a decent human, and you like to lie a lot, please refer to the link below.

I’m not saying that lying makes you a bad person, but that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Just be honest, and things will probably, hopefully, go well for you.

If you find it hard to be honest, please just respect this day and take a vow of silence, today is a day for the good people.

Being lied to is not fun.

I am <3 bitter <3

Be honest kids, it’s the right thing to do.