Middle Schoolers Perform High School Musical


Maria Cuevas

Middle school students presented “High School Music Jr.” to enthused crowds last week.

Caroline Nagle , Staff Writer

This year’s middle school musical production, “High School Musical Jr.” was a hit Friday and Saturday, and the excitement among the student body was overwhelming.

Last Spring, Director, Mr. Alan Wolfe was showing his class musicals and the best response from students by far was “High School Musical Jr.” so the decision was made.

“The kids really made us want to do this musical,” said Co-Music Director, Ms. Beth Hull.

Mr. Wolfe and Ms. Hull were very excited for their students to show their talents and for everyone to see how these students have grown as performers.

“They’ve learned the value of practice and hard work,” said Mr. Wolfe.

The leads were Damon Mills as Troy Bolton, Lucy Wilson as Gabriella Montez, Avery Turek as Sharpay Evans, Dallas Smithmyer as Ryan Evans, and Carter Rettig as Chad Danforth. 

“I was very excited to haven taken on a starring role,” said Mills.

Everyone involved has had a fun time. The overall enthusiasm while performing and during practice was overwhelming, Ms. Hull said.

“Everyone has been asking to do more. Students were even asking to help with the stage crew,” said Ms. Hull.

“I don’t think anyone was nervous. We just wanted everyone to have a good time,” said Mr. Wolfe.

Over the course of time, the students gained confidence for their big performances. On Thursday, they performed for Myers students and given the biggest confidence boost.  

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of “High School Musical Jr.”