Poetry Slam postponed


Kaelynn Behrens

The 2019 Poetry Slam has been postponed.

Ashlyn Ball, Staff Writer

The annual Poetry Slam scheduled for this upcoming Monday has been postponed.

A school conflict became apparent Friday that caused the change which was then complicated by the Keystone Exams scheduled for that week.

Organizers for the event will try to schedule it for another time later this school year.

English Department Chair Mr. Kerry Naylor says, “We definitely want to find another time to hold the slam.  It’s become a Bellwood tradition and something kids look forward to every year.  The timing was a little off this year.”

There has been a low turnout this year, with not a lot of students willing to participate.

“Postponing the slam was made a little easier because we had a record-low turnout so it’s inconveniencing few people, but for those who were ready to present their poems we want to find an alternate date,” Mr. Naylor comments.